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Scott Paul Beierle was an odd loner and self-described misogynist who had a history of arrests for grabbing young women around the campus of Florida State University.

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Thirty men were executed for rape in Florida between andin a state undergoing rapid population growth, Sunbelt economic change, and black freedom struggle protest and activism. This essay focuses on these thirty capital cases and the compelling statistical evidence of selective execution by race to examine which acts of sexual violence were considered so heinous as to warrant the death penalty: gang rape, serial offending, and the invasion of the white family home by the burglar-turned-rapist.

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The custody charges were resolved, and on Oct. That day Frasch wrote an open letter to the "people of Tallahassee. She didn't. Like the case itself, Frasch's year-long odyssey in the criminal justice system has had unexpected twists and turns.

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Though Frasch was rarely ever alone with the girls — Samira kept them close, especially after he briefly took them early in their divorce — he told investigators she asked him take them the next day to give her a break. The documents, which include dozens of witness interviews, the autopsy report and investigators' findingsreveal ly undisclosed details about events surrounding the death of Samira, who was in the process of divorcing her husband.

Ultimately, the reports indicate prosecutors may argue the discovery of a sex video of Frasch and one of his girlfriends led to a final fight between husband and wife. The couple had another daughter, but the happy times didn't last. Tidwell told investigators she had her brother in Fort Walton Beach come pick her up. Samira, he said, drank two bottles of champagne — a trigger for her violent rages, according to him — but was "not too bad.

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She got her affairs overseas in order and in the spring of moved to Tallahassee, where she learned her new husband had fathered with another woman in her absence. He said he had just learned from a friend about his wife's death and was headed back to Tallahassee; prosecutors say he was preparing to flee.

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He was seen departing in the same clothes he wore the day. After hearing from prosecutors and Frasch during a closed-door gathering a week later, grand jurors deemed otherwise. He awaits trial on a charge of killing his year-old wife of five years, a Madagascar native with a thick French accent, ostentatious taste and a murky past. While not formally accused of killing his wife until three months ago, Frasch spent nearly all of behind bars on child custody charges after he took the couple's 2-year-old and month-old daughters to Panama City Beach the morning of his wife's death.

Notes from one of the firefighters who pulled her from the degree water said her fingertips didn't look to have been submerged for long. Samira began telling friends and neighbors she feared for her life.

Frasch murder investigation reveals couple's volatile relationship

The move sent Frasch into a tailspin. A year later, Frasch — once a jet-setting Thomasville podiatrist with a passion for gambling, fast cars and women — sits in a cell at the Leon County Jail. The children have been living with his family in Omaha, Nebraska. Prosecutors tried to have him charged with second-degree murder to keep him in custody, but a judge found the evidence insufficient.

After 40 years of practice, fearing her husband, Samira's divorce attorney, Buddy Whitlock, started carrying a gun for the first time. Frasch has been in jail ever since. The investigation shows he left the house more than two hours before her body was found.

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Frasch's performance was so disastrous the judge, in a written order, questioned "his grasp on reality. And there she was — Dr. Adam Frasch's exotic third wife, Samira, lying on her back submerged at the bottom of the deep end of the pool, motionless and naked, save for an open leopard-print robe still tied around her waist. On Feb. Her assistant, following with the children in another car, confirmed her story, but a friend riding with Frasch told investigators Samira was the instigator.

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That back-and-forth pattern characterized, what one of his friends called, their "love-hate relationship. She was drinking more, he said, and had looked at his phone and confronted him about a recent relationship he said was over.

Frasch gave different s of what happened during the final hours he spent with his wife. He begged her in long strings of alternately loving and cruel text messages to change her mind. He was sent back to jail in mid-March when federal authorities investigating him for Medicare fraud found guns in his medical office in violation of the agreement. Two hours later, however, she was awake. While Frasch, 47, was long considered the prime suspect — the couple's volatile relationship was well-known to friends and well-documented in court filings — it took prosecutors nearly nine months to bring the case before a grand jury, which in November indicted him for first-degree murder.

After his arrest, Frasch was released for a few weeks as part of a pretrial agreement. Samira, he said, was still mad after they picked up her car and returned to Golden Eagle with the girls about 11 p. The autopsy report says Samira died as the result of drowning and blunt head trauma — she had a large bruise on the right side of her forehead and a skull fracture — but it doesn't pinpoint her exact time of death. Devastated, Samira said she suffered a miscarriage, court documents revealed.

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Her obituary, penned by Frasch, calls her a "retired super model," but there is scant evidence of the 5-foot-7 beauty scaling the heights of the European fashion world. Based on her appearance, first responders decided to begin CPR, which continued for 45 minutes to no avail. She parked her white Hummer on the front lawn — to the chagrin of residents in her upscale gated north Tallahassee subdivision — so she could make a dash with the girls for the front door.

He got leaves out of the pool with the skimmer, noticed a strung-out hose, and left while Samira was still asleep. On Valentine's Day, Frasch stopped paying for Tidwell's room and went with a friend to retrieve a rental car he'd gotten for her to drive while the Range Rover he bought her was in the shop. Two days later, she had 14 of Frasch's vehicles, including a silver Corvette, a black Cadillac Escalade and a white Mercedes, towed from the driveway of the Golden Eagle house. The same day — Feb. She left a voic for Frasch, intercepted by Samira, asking for money to pay for expenses.

Frasch, who has steadfastly maintained his innocence, does not deny spending the night with Samira.

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But two weeks before Samira's death, the Frasches five-year fire-and-ice saga intensified, the investigation showed. Adam and Samira married in in Las Vegas. Leon County deputy Richard Womble arrived shortly after the a.

Contemptuous of lawyers and convinced of his superior intelligence, he represented himself during the proceedings. They had sex in the living room, he said, and went to bed at 2 a. In all of his versions, the last day started out fine, with the couple searching in vain for someone to groom Bella, then dropping off Samira's car for an oil change, before taking the children to lunch at Jonah's in Thomasville.

That's when things started falling apart. He said she told him he wouldn't be staying there that night, but she "calmed down a bit," and he helped put the girls to bed.

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Samira told her two hairdressers, her assistant and even the Golden Eagle Homeowner's Association managers that her husband had threatened to kill her. A month later, she filed for divorce, citing his abuse, excessive gambling and adultery.

Scott beierle, gunman in tallahassee yoga studio shooting, remembered as 'really creepy'

Frasch's day in court. Two days later, the Frasches were in Miami on a family trip. She was panic-stricken that Frasch would show up before the job was done, said a neighbor who spoke with her. The next morning, Frasch said he got up, fed the dog, gathered the girls and loaded his car. She threatened to divorce Frasch and he leveled against her the first of several domestic-violence allegations he would make throughout their marriage, though she said he was the one who meted out the abuse. When he was arrested by Bay County deputies around 4 p. She purported to be a high-fashion model.

As he led the deputy to the pool, Gardner said: "He killed her, he did it. As soon as he entered the screened-pool area at the Golden Eagle manse the morning of Feb. First, the maintenance man saw Samira Frasch's little white dog, Bella, running around the enclosure where it didn't belong.

Frasch told investigators and others the couple had been trying to work things out. Sometime that week, hotel staff said, Samira came looking for Tidwell.

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She was arrested, but the charges were dropped. The slow-moving custody case was further delayed in July when Frasch was deemed mentally incompetent to assist in his defense because of an apparent untreated bipolar disorder. They returned to Tallahassee mid-week and the relative calm appeared to hold until Friday, Feb. That's when investigators were able to determine Samira used her phone to search Tidwell's name on the internet and began texting the woman's husband, informing him of the affair.

In December, two months before her death, a judge granted her sole temporary possession of the Golden Eagle home and custody of their little girls. The phone was found nearly six months later, tucked into a diaper bag Frasch took with him to Panama City Beach the day Samira died.

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Then he saw the gem-studded black sandals in the water, one caught under a hose on the first step, another in the shallow end. After months of medication in jail, he was allowed to proceed. The two carried on a long-distance relationship for three years while Frasch battled Ellinor in a nasty divorce. The bichon frise normally white girl dating Tallahassee guy in the bathroom connected to the house, but the door was ajar. In Augustthey had series of big blowouts in which he said she attacked him, hit him in the head with a statue and tried to run him off the road.

They drove to his office, to another house he owns in Tallahassee — where she found a bag of lingerie, which she said was for someone else — and, finally, to the Panama City House late that afternoon to look for her stuff. They reconciled before the birth of their first daughter, whom Samira spent much of her time grooming to be celebrity. Frasch's lead defense attorney, Clyde Taylor, says the prosecution's case is based on circumstantial evidence, and the pretrial investigation reports are notable for the information they lack.

Investigative reports, recently shared with Frasch's defense team by the State Attorney's Office and obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat under Florida's open records law, provide insight into the tawdry case of infidelity and excess. Six months earlier, Frasch said the same thing about her. A neighbor on a walk reported seeing a woman who resembled Samira outside the house after Frasch was gone.

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