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Palm Coast FL post dating

The Code Enforcement Section enforces a broad range of land use related ordinances to assure that a healthy and safe environment is maintained for the residents of Palm Coast.

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The postal service in Palm Coast horrendous.

What is going on at the Post Office? They refuse to do anything. It is in the evening and no mail has been delivered today It is impossible to get to anyone by phone for satisfaction John Schrum. Used to have 1. Not having the letter in my mailbox then prompted me to have to Cancel my card, and set up delivery for a new card which I will receive on Monday.

I cannot get refunded because they say it was delivered and no one has for this product please advise Mark Holt. Check nearby locations below. Flagler Beach S Daytona Ave 5. Potential fraud? Two of my bill payments have been lost by the Palm Coast, Fla. What is going on and how can I have this corrected. Lost package at the post office. Susan Maher. I left the house pm, returned 5Pm. Where is it now? Palm Coast bad experience usps.

The customer service agent that i spoke with, "Tiffany" was nasty and rude as well. Mail now is picked up after 6 pm. The receipt says it would be received at the location on July 28th. No service at all yesterday, but when we do get mailwe get other people's mail also. Crescent City N Summit St Search Links Contact. Marion Caprio.

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A package under tracking was mailed to the wrong address on my behalf to 10 cottonwood ct from Yolostudios yesterday. Why have a phone and no one answer??? Horrible experience at this time of year, waste, n abuse government! Hope everyone has a better year !!!

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No longer a mailman with mail truck, instead person with private car. Dennis Beauchamp. Judy Dabrowski. Monday am - pm Tuesday am - pm Wednesday am - pm Thursday am - pm Friday am - pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed.

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Yet your system confirmed at was delivered to me at am. At 4pm our carrier delivered mail and HEY! The envelope was in there with the normal delivery. I get they have to protect their customers but how is that protecting them when they sit back and allow scams to be in place. Now they have lost a package already within 10 days of starting this new process. My package was marked as undeliverable before my mail was even delivered.

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So now we have to take extra time out to get our packages because they cannot do their jobs correctly. You have more than enough people there to be able to take a phone call!!!!

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The post office has gone down hill and I am so mad that they are allowing this to continue. Judy Giove.

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There is nothing showing up on tracking other than it being received in PC on the date mailed. Matilde Carelli. We have had a of missing packages even with tracking over the past several months.

Palm coast post office

A priority package was mailed from the Palm Coast Post office on July 26 th as of today August 14th I have still not received it. Why do you do this? The billing center. Monday 24 hours Tuesday 24 hours Wednesday 24 hours Thursday 24 hours Friday 24 hours Saturday 24 hours Sunday 24 hours. Let us know here. Post Office ni.

I have no idea what postal employees are doing and neither do they! Someone by the name of Misty Gibson-Cole had sent me an about the missing package on Dec 12, but never followed up. Something is going on at this Post Office. Not even a courtesy phone call. This appears to be a sub contractor.

After Holidays, the most busy time passed. It was not there. I'm expecting a thing from a lawyer in Etown ky and should hot it yesterday or today called them and she told me to call you this is the second time. The post office sucks!!! Monday am - pm Tuesday am - pm Wednesday am - pm Thursday am - pm Friday am - pm Saturday am - pm Sunday Closed.

So, either bad employee or teamwork, or, really no supervisor there! Looked at the timeframe. Melissa Ann. Please postal service read the addresses better. Address is UPS Store. Need your help how can I get the packagewhat should I do to correct this mistake??? No mail. Is anything incorrect?

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I am beyond angry. No notice left on my door or in my mailbox. How can a package for zip code end up in zip code ? Robert Boulanger. Promote Scams. I really believe the driver was stealing, because certain packages would be marked delivered in the tracking and I would be right out at the mailbox to pick it up and nothing!

We have started using alternative resources for delivery but unfortunately we cannot do that to receive a package. Can you advise? Phones not being answered. Things appear in order. Then check USPS tracking, horrible, it log as return to sender at pm, n out for delivery at pm. Postal Locations. Edna Diamond.

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I sent a package priority from No. Myrtle beach Fl. They gave them the routing which is and the service request and the person still charged them. Could you simply say it will be delivered instead of saying it WAS delivered to your local site? Working Operation. Please refund both payments.

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My wife and I decided to start picking up the packages at the Post Office, under the suggestion of the postal clerk in Palm Coast. Never received there and highly unlikely it was left outside their door. My house is one of the last in the route.