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Native Cary dating white

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World peace! While we do not speak for every man around the country, we are key leaders in many organizations that support men to live good, responsible lives. We polluted your earth. Here is what he said:.

Native americans in the united states

This historical context may come as a surprise to you, as it was for me. We see an opportunity, responsibility and privilege to reconcile, heal, transform and renew the relationship of white America with Native America and all people of color. We ed treaties that we broke.

All that being said, here in the United States of America, inas a political being, I am seen as a white man.

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We are Lakota sovereign nation. And, we acknowledge that this system of social, economic, political and environmental exploitation and oppression is still actively at work today, all around the world. The land owns us. We fought you. Opening this clear, straight-forward dialogue with Native communities establishes solid ground for honest and good relationships to grow.

I feel a personal desire to take responsibility to acknowledge and transform our heritage of systemic racism in the United States because of the deeply personal benefits that I have received from the native cultures of North and South America, Africa and Asia. Trust requires telling the truth. With this awareness, I am doing what I can to take responsibility for this role that I find myself in, here and now, in the United States of America.

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World peace. What if we express our solidarity with Native American leaders and communities with a declared commitment to mobilize our collective resources in service to the renewal of their cultural practices, community resilience and civil rights within North American governments? We have a language to speak. I left those retreats with a strange feeling in my gut — a sense that something essential was not said — an opportunity was missed.

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My intention in writing this is to point my finger in the direction of where I sense we can go together. We blasted the faces of our presidents on your sacred mountain. As white men we have the responsibility to hear them and the opportunity to consciously lead by example as good role models for our children. What will be asked of me?

My sense is that we would grow as men if we took the time to better acknowledge this history — together. At that time, whites and blacks lived and worked together, intermarrying and raising children, interracially. Writing these words is setting me free. And the dehumanization that we have visited on the rest of humanity through the global imperialist project over the last five hundred years has greatly diminished our own sense of belonging, compassion, and care for all living beings.

I no longer need to hide the obvious truth that we live on stolen land and our wealth was built on the backs of stolen labor. Therefore, in order for us, as one human family, to co-create a viable future for generations to come, we must build it on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and trust. And, will I be able to native Cary dating white to the occasion and meet the challenges ahead? European indentured servants and African slaves ed forces to rise up against the ruling class.

Receiving the opportunity, responsibility and privilege, -as a white man — to participate in this most sacred cultural ceremony has transformed my life for the better. We acknowledge the heinous crimes of our ancestors and current policies towards your communities, and we now see that it is our responsibility to not only acknowledge these wrongs through our words, but to use the tool of our privilege as white men in this political economy in order to bring about systemic change in our country.

A US military veteran asked for forgiveness from Native American chiefs. This public statement is our first project together. In a very real sense, I owe my life to people who generously invited me to participate in particular ceremonies that strengthened my resolve in past struggles with depression, illness and loss of hope. And then we took still more land. And, through this effort, we see an opportunity to redefine what it means to be a white man, from here on out.

As citizens who receive the privileges of being considered white men in the North American and global political economy, we are aware of the responsibility and native Cary dating white to contribute to the evolution of our social and cultural norms in the direction of respect, dignity and well-being for all people and all living beings.

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We acknowledge the systemic oppression of all people of color in this country. We do not own the land. And then we took your children. We now understand that we must bow our he in humility, and extend our greetings, thanks, respect, and dignity to those whose lands were stolen in order to establish this United States of America. I am suggesting that it would serve our growth to the movement of truth, repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation that is already underway.

And yet, a small voice in the back of my mind sometimes asks, where is this taking me?

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We stole minerals from your sacred hills. We also acknowledge that white men who have wealth and power have exploited other white men who did not have wealth and power in similar ways. My great-grandfather was a tailor who built a better life for his family after the trauma of persecution in his homeland.

They come from somewhere. What might be possible if we moved, together, in this direction?

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May our great-great-grandchildren look back upon us, and say that we were the generation that said — enough! We are speaking to you — the Native American peoples, tribes and nations of North America. This new identity is rooted in a commitment to do our best to live in ways that protect and steward life, and thus we are dedicated to:. That is our economy. Martin Luther King, Jr. Before that time, race was not an agreed upon categorization tool for human identity — on this continent or anywhere else in the world.

And we have come to say that we are sorry. And then we tried to take your language. My ancestors were Jews who fled the pogroms [5] in the Ukraine about a hundred years ago. We acknowledge the system which denies equal resources of all native Cary dating white, including housing, education and health care to people of color.

We will take a step. These practices, and words have been passed down, taken care of, and protected. We all come from somewhere. We also humbly address the African American people of this country, acknowledging that the growth and development of our wealth as a nation came on the backs of your ancestors, brought here as slaves, kidnapped from your families, communities, and lands in Africa, and brought here under brutal, unthinkable conditions, against their will.

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We have preserved the caretaker position. We refuse to be complicit in the inhuman behavior of our preceding generations. I am deeply grateful to Heather McGee for making me aware of the explicit invention of race as a category to identify human beings in our country, for the specific purpose of economic exploitation. The categorization of race was a distinct act with a divide-and-conquer political agenda — to establish and maintain separation, domination and exploitation of slave labor on stolen land.

Alliance for a Viable Future is sponsoring this initiative because we believe change moves at the speed of trust. Youth leaders of the next generation are already speaking up [11] with clarity, boldness and courage, about the urgent need to transform our society. We took your land.

White men and native america

There was more racial contact then, than there is now. As Reverend Dr. It is time for us to stand together, acknowledge our brutal history as Americans, and actively work to dismantle and transform the systemic racism that permeates our society. From this ground of clear understanding, we can move forward and acknowledge that racial do not speak to our personal relationship to time or place. We tried to eliminate your language that God gave you and the Creator gave you. We acknowledge that the white men who came to Turtle Island and committed genocide against the Native people, established a racist, patriarchal social hierarchy.

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For example, inthe Ceremony of Repentance and Forgiveness created a sacred space for descendants of U. Another example of a forgiveness ceremony took place during Standing Rock, the international demonstration of solidarity to protect our water. At the first retreat, a sweat lodge was used, and in the second retreat, the word aho [6] was invoked. We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness. I intend to continue Sundancing for the foreseeable future, and to begin pouring sweat lodge ceremonies once I complete my training, as is expected of Sundancers, in order to serve their community.

I am not here to point my finger at anyone. Only by acknowledging the truth of our past can we stand on solid ground, and walk into the future together.

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I know that I am living a more honest life, even by writing this article. Simply put, racial strip away the humanity in our unique identities. We thank God they did not succeed in complete genocide, and will never succeed.