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From its vibrant food scene to melting-pot neighborhoods, its affordable housing options to mosquito-boosting humidity — here are some key things to know about living in Houston before making your move.

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Outdoor venues are great for evening date nights in Houston in the summertime.

15 things to know about living in houston

Please see our disclosure policy for more detail. The Japanese Gardens are a great spot for photos as well! You can get a full-day adventure pass that covers all of the main spots! The Aquarium is lots of fun, it has tons of exhibits and can be a great way to still talk and interact with your date while enjoying the attractions. Houston has some really fun graffiti murals, perfect for snapping couples photos in front of during date night in Houston!

Houston date ideas: 50 romantic things to do in houston for couples

Book your Houston mural tour today! Second Saturdays at Sawyer Yards are a vibrant, active place to try new things and experience new art. Asian art is slowly becoming ingrained into mainstream culture through films like Parasite or the rise of KPop. This cool food tour is a great option for a memorable date night in Houston.

Food trucks are a great way to try a range of different items in a small place. Exploring the landscape in a totally different way while connecting with nature can easily be one of the most romantic things to do in Houston, TX! The Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern is a cool place where people can come to take photos.

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Once you get the hang of it you can explore the city a totally different way! These bats tend to be here year-round and if you want a closer look you can go to the observation deck at Buffalo Bayou Park! A combination of happy hour and art galleries? Consider tracking down these Houston waterfalls! Whether you want to get street food or have a full sit-down meal there is a spot for you here!

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It is easy to navigate and beautiful, making it a great first date spot in Houston! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This park is in honor of the Challenger tragedy. Buffalo Bayou Park has great views of the Houston skyline. You can grab some food from the food truck park nearby and have a picnic right out front, then snap a photo with your date before moving on! There are some restaurants around that you can grab food at. The Museum of Natural Science has some great events that are really date-friendly for couples in Houston.

Smither Park has all of these cool art sculptures that serve as fun backdrops to photos. Have a classy night out sipping on all of the Hill Country highlights, and then extend your romantic evening by booking a night at a beautiful bed and breakfast for two!

Houston is packed full of exciting pockets of adventure that are spread all throughout the city. This park has both! Kemah Boardwalk is right out of a movie. You get the chance to enjoy the beauty fluttering about, it makes for some cool photos as well! It is originally a huge water reservoir but it became such a unique visiting spot that they started to offer guided tours!

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In the evenings over on Waugh Drive Bridge, you can see bat colony emerge for their nightly stretch. The music is always on point and often you can catch some dancing lessons before the dance floor opens up to the public! Take a detour from the standard, dinner and a movie, and jump into something unique with these romantic things to do in Houston.

Minute Maid Park is a great Houston date spot in part because there are so many great food spots nearby. Bike bars are taking over the country but they are such a fun way to explore. Book your Houston food tour today! Looking for more beautiful spots to enjoy as a couple? Grabbing some food-to-go and having a nice picnic in the park definitely qualifies as one of the romantic things to do in Houston for couples. Discovering new spots in Houston can reignite both a love for the city and sparks with your partner.

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There are also great restaurants in the area to grab a bit before or after the game. The Asian jasmine and green, natural spaces make it warm and inviting. People bleed for this team and getting to experience them live is exhilarating. You can watch live stargazing to catch the constellations or to see planets and other bodies in space. The Space Center is one of the biggest attractions to Houston!

The 10 best cities for singles in texas for

The Japanese Gardens are super calming and full of greenery. George Observatory offers up a cool VIP event in which you can see the stars through their state-of-the-art research telescope. You can go canoeing, bird watching, or just enjoy a leisurely stroll. The Houston Zoo is the second most visited zoo in the country. It is set around a large lake and is enormous.

Houston has a lot of highlights. You can make dining reservations inside and enjoy a more intimate evening without the crazy crowd. Try something new and head over to have an authentic food and shopping experience in the city. Make sure you practice your rendition of Deep in the Heart of Texas! The Texan pride in Houston is definitely high.

Most of them are publicly accessible, but you can catch a tour or do a self-guided walk to find all of the highlights. The butterfly center is something right out of a storybook. Grab a quick drink before the game, and definitely utilize public transport if you can to avoid the traffic afterward!

The 10 best cities for singles in texas for

Want to make sure you find all the best spots? Some links in this post may be affiliate links. The event typically starts at 8 pm and is on a reservation basis, make sure you get your tickets early if you want to add this to your list of romantic things to do in Houston, TX! The Woodlands is a little to the north of Houston, but the nature preserve there is definitely worth the trip. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You get the picturesque Ferris wheel and little carnival games.

Houston is the best city in texas for singles, study finds

Here are the top date ideas in Houston for couples. Have a picnic in Buffalo Bayou Park. A game is a great way to catch the thrill of a live event in a crowd. Feel free to just walk up and grab a seat! Make sure you bring a helmet! This museum is one of the top highlights in the city and on certain days you can even get in on free admission—the perfect way to stretch your budget when seeking out romantic things to do in Houston.

When you think of romantic spots, you typically think of water features and stunning views. River Oaks is great for a coffee date turned dinner date. Hillcroft has all of the best Indian food spots in Houston. Hopefully, the new perspective on the city will spark enough conversation and fun for another adventure for couples in Houston soon!

They often have events like a scavenger hunt or live performances that can really add a twist to a normal date night in Houston!

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You can grab a hammock to recline it or just grab drinks and call it a night. Have fun exploring all of the different types of flowers and foliage, depending on the season, while strolling hand-in-hand with your date. A hop-on, hop-off tour is a great way to decide which places you want to go and how long you want to stay without having to compromise locations.

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Axelrad has movie nights that are perfect for Houston date nights. The Houston Rockets are huge in this city—no surprise given that Houston is such a major sports town in general. You can pick up local treats and explore new foods together. Country bars are tons of fun for a date. Get a few dishes between the two of you and chow down in the park!

It is located in Hermann Park, which is a perfect place for a nice stroll afterward! This area is the perfect spot to come and enjoy your date in a completely relaxed environment. Perfect for a first or second date in Houston! The Contemporary Arts Museum is a cool spot to catch some art pieces that break the typical mold of the artistic experience.

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Enjoy a day away from the city and go on a beautiful hike to enjoy some quiet time.