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This wild heart of the island, all 28, acres of it, is just an hour from San Juan yet it feels like a lost world. Everyone will tell you there is only one decent place to stay in Old San Juan - and they're right. Dating from the 17th century, Hotel El Convento was turned into a grand hotel in the s, when Rita Hayworth stayed. The island of Vieques, hanging off the east coast of the country's box-like form, was until recently a US Navy base, which has guaranteed preservation of 70 per cent of the island in its original state and spared the rest the punishment of unfettered building.

Hot granny dating Puerto Rico are no big fast-food franchises in Vieques's two villages, Esperanza and Isabel Segunda, and very little traffic on its country ro. The fun starts with the flight over, a short hop from Ceiba airport in a turboprop, which I shared with a young man whose hand luggage was a cockerel in a drawstring bag. Fighting my way in an automatic Toyota along a six-lane highway towards San Juan, the island's capital, I was sent into mild shock by the endless ranks of billboards on giant poles, reciting the all-American menu of Wendy's and Burger King, Subway and Taco Bell, Applebee's and KFC.

As a landscape, it wasn't quite what I had anticipated from this Caribbean isle. Things quickly improved, the urban sprawl eventually crowded out by exuberant tropical greenery. It had been half an hour since the last Taco Bell; here there were only roide canteens serving mashed plantain and slabs of roast piglet. Micro-organisms called dinoflagellates, existing in vast quantities in the soup of the mangrove lagoon, give off light when disturbed. Escape the coastal highway and the island reveals its raw beauty, from rainforests thrumming with wildlife to fabulous deserted beaches.

Highway 00 1 ; www. Its eco-friendly, minimalist apartments are in 13 wooded acres with sea views. I peered into the dark water to see fireworks surround the oars of my kayak; my hand and arm carried a glittering cloud, like ectoplasm. It had been a while coming, but that was the moment, for me, when Puerto Rico's charms could be resisted no longer. I strode off along the first track I came to, wondering whether I might be heading for a close encounter with one of the forest's nine-foot boa constrictors, or worse, the foot-long centipedes with a bite that can kill.

It was approaching Christmas, and the poolside lounge at the W heaved with pale couples from snowbound New YorkChicago and Torontotheir sun-starved epidermises drinking in the vitamin D. Pelicans flew by; the staff, muttering into their phones as they walked through the property, gave off gamma rays of smugness, although you could hardly blame them.

These days, Puerto Rico is what Cuba might also have become in some parallel historical universe - a prosperous, highly industrialised, tourist-friendly Caribbean backyard of the USA. The curious hot granny dating Puerto Rico about Puerto Rico is the seamless way it blends North American habits into Latin and Caribbean cultures. I was, that morning, the only Robinson Crusoe on that absurdly beautiful beach. The most useful comparison I can think of is with CubaPuerto Rico's near-neighbour to the west only Haiti and the Dominican Republic lie between them.

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Below us lay a gorgeous jigsaw of green, white and turquoise, the basic palette of the Caribbean. The great man's beret, pipe and a plaster cast of his hands lie in glass cabinets.

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The experience was magical - almost as wonderful, but not quite, as my later discovery of Vieques's incredible beaches. In Old San Juan the streets are long and narrow, with switchback slopes, and pick their way between rainbows of gaily painted houses in a riot of styles from Hispanic colonial to neoclassical and Caribbean Art Deco.

I don't know quite what I expected from Caracas Beach. The roaring airport motorway soon became a winding coastal corniche leading to the cobbled streets of Old San Juan, the colony's historic nucleus, on its fortress-ringed peninsula jutting into the bay. Surely the only hotel in the world named after a sheep. But Ponce's top sight is its art museum, a white concrete, modernist block built by Edward Durell Stone in and stuffed with an amazing hotchpotch. And as soon as possible, you need to get off those maddening coastal ro.

Walking trails wind deep into a steaming jungle where the plants have leaves the size of dining tables and thunderous waterfalls echo down the valleys.

Puerto rico

And it wasn't until a few days later, as I marvelled at one of the most delicious tropical beaches I have ever seen, that I managed to put that unfortunate first impression into perspective. Some of the grand mansions, such as Casa Wiechers-Villaronga, can be visited and are worth a look for the impression they give of the town's glory days. Gallery Grid. Architect John Hix created this property out of a conviction that luxury and sustainability could go hand in hand. Puerto Rico's charms resisted me at first - or I resisted them.

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It belongs with the populous, Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands, not the small and sleepy English-speaking ones. The excursion they recommended turned out to be absolutely spot-on. CN Traveller. Puerto Rico possesses what by any standards is a rich variety of landscapes, from tropical dry forest and rainforest to salt flats, mangrove lagoons and coral reefs.

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Inspiration 5 things everyone should consider when we can fly again. To make sense of Puerto Rico, I decided, you need to look backwards into the island's history and inward to its unexploited landscapes.

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The town's foundation in makes it one of the earliest European outposts in the New World. Podcast Escape Routes: Oman. Pushing inland from Ponce, I deliberately lost myself in the country lanes of the interior, passing coffee plantations and homeste. Barred windows, open to catch the breeze, afforded glimpses of Caribbean working-class domesticity played out under creakily revolving ceiling fans, with kids at their studies and grannies installed in white plastic chairs. Gallery List. Puerto Rico is a special case, a peculiar cultural amalgam.

The cockerel had won a fight in Fajardo, he shouted over the engine noise. But nothing could have prepared me for the long ribbon of floury white sand, squeaky like snow underfoot, or the glassy blue water, fading to pink.

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The restaurant serves superb French-influenced food, and the villas mix Moorish stucco with antique furniture. But Puerto Rico has other wildernesses, too. One night I had dinner at Marmaladethe front-runner of the modish New Caribbean Cuisine, but enjoyed the feast rather less than my lunch the next day at La Fonda del Jibaritoa down-home diner in the traditional Puerto Rican style, with proper Puerto Rican food which means, essentially, rice, beans and meat in abundant quantities and in various savoury combinations and a guitarist playing salsa makeovers of American Christmas carols.

I left San Juan driving west, taking a highway flanked by second-hand car lots, huge beachside condos 'Make your Caribbean Dream a Reality! By Paul Richardson. A remote bay on the south coast of Vieques is home to the world's most impressive example of a natural phenomenon known as bioluminescence. Rooms are large, the tapas bar rates highly and there's a rooftop pool. I won't deny it. Pictured: a room at The Horned Dorset Primavera. The retail universe in Old San Juan tends towards Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, but it also harbours ancient emporia with dark wood panelling and chandeliers and big sofas for the customer to sit in perhaps puffing on a cigar.

It follows that Vieques is a of things that Puerto Rico is not, and yet also represents a delightful quintessence of the larger island. Startled fish in the depths created comet trails of white light. Higher and higher into the mountains, until there were no more cars or houses; the sense of relief was like a cool dip on a hot day.

HighwayVieques 00 1 ; www. More to my taste was Ponce, capital of Puerto Rico's southern flank, with a wonderfully preserved historic town centre whose 19th-century mansions, hot granny dating Puerto Rico and public buildings fairly reek of its prosperous Spanish-colonial past. No fewer than 23 of its natural spaces are protected as state forests or nature reserves, but the daddy of them all is El Yunque.

The museum is famous for its collection of English Pre-Raphaelites, and it was interesting to see Lord Leighton's Flaming June, the museum's pride andjoy, in an environment so aggressively air-conditioned that I worried about the danger of hypothermia. This felt like both Latin America and the Caribbean: the ramshackle houses with shirtless people lounging by open windows; chickens and children pottering under the mango trees; and the irrepressible foliage eating up telephone poles and abandoned shacks, sunlight filtering through ferns and acacias.

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Arrow Up Arrow Down. It has elements of both South and North America. Halfway through the morning, a man came with a key to open up a small museum devoted to Pablo Casals, the Spanish cellist who founded an important music festival in Puerto Rico and lived here for the last 17 years of his life.

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The island may have a population of four million and the highest traffic density of anywhere in the world, but its other superlatives include the Caribbean's greatest natural biodiversity, its best-preserved colonial city, its richest musical and artistic culture, two or three of its best hotels, and some of its most hospitable and extroverted people.

The Plaza Las Delicias is a lively square with an old fire-engine house painted in red and black stripes.

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Both islands were essentially Spanish domains from their earliest colonisation in the 16th century right up untilwhen both fell to the growing military might of the USA. But when Cuba exploded into revolution inthis other island became a US commonwealth. A ridge of mountains, its folds and peaks as if covered with green baize, ran like a spine down the island.

It says something about the beauty and rarity of El Yunque that it was recently a finalist, along with the Grand Canyon, in the competition to find the New Seven Wonders of the World. On another evening I ventured out into the Miami-esque suburb of Condado to look for Perlaa beachside restaurant built in the s in the shape of a shell, a brilliant exercise in reinforced-concrete architecture that satisfied my love of mid-century kitsch.