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Proudly serving the Pembroke community for over 50 years, Pembroke Hardware's core philosophy has been to provide its customers with exceptional quality and superior customer service. Founder Curt Locklear envisioned a neighborhood hardware store where high quality merchandise and personal attention would be top priority.

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They haven't figured it out yet. Were a t least dying around three. I said that four years ago and they said, Where are all these people coming from? I did this and I did it loudly because nobody has ever done what we've done in the last four years.

Pembroke hardware a best hardware store winner

They serve the donor class, believe it or not. Once you do that, you can no longer do what's right for you. Do you mind if I cut this one in about one third? My man e booth. Oh Okay, Yeah Mhm! Do you like rising back on? If you look at it, nobody has been able to do it.

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It's great to be in Lumberton. That sounds. We'll have to do is call them, send 10 million, send 10 million. E e Oh, yeah. On November 3rd, we will ensure the for gotten men and women of our country are never for gotten again. And I love the sound of that drum.

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At the debate this week, the American people saw contrast between a 47 year career politician who's seen better days, and they used public office and really has used public office to enrich himself. Fight A big play you're gonna understand Saturday night.

Who gave that right through me and I had kissed and I up next, Thio. And I'll tell you, we have a lot of friends here. You haven't been treated well. We're going to win the state of North Carolina on. No way! Check out what's going on in Florida.

North carolina

I have a lot of friends in this group, so thank you very much on 10 days from now. These people. That's it. Yeah, I'm gonna be a lobster.

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Four years, 10 days. President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Lumberton, bringing thousands of people to a rally in a county with one of North Carolina's highest rates of coronavirus infections. We're on our way to Wisconsin and Ohio. Sadder than I stopped. Ever see of a tiger rising up Big thio top We have got got the glory e fight class in that do the challenge of Are now over I'm sadder.

That's why I'm here. Something that was your plan? And maybe that's another reason I'm here, because this is a group that's been forgot. Check out the s. You work hard, you raise your families, you follow your laws, you support your church, you serve your community and you give your love and your loyalty to your country. Because I'm gonna be one hell of a sunburned person. For the last half a century, Joe Biden's been outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders and sacrificing American blood and treasure and endless and ridiculous foreign wars. Everyone would send 10 million.

Uh huh. That's all right.

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Can you believe it? And by the way, just a little secret. Mystery did my time Took my chances Way in the distance Now back on my feet Just a man and his will To survive so many times It happens too fast You change your passion for glory Don't get a grip on the dreams of the past You must fight just to keep them alive e over time e There's no way at last e of a tithe rising up straight to the top Have you got no way I've gotten to live The fight lasts enough Do the attempt of our driver The last tonight I'll be working e in that I'm yeah okay Writhe Street did my time, Took my chances Says when the distance now back on my feet Just a man and his will to survive so many times It happens too fast You change your passion for glory Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past You must fight just to keep them alive It's deep e friend of bythe the oh wait of the tithe e fight not do the challenge of our rivals at the last moves of stocks at me.

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About fighting night night inside of a night All right, We had a Oh, yeah Good morning. Thank you very much. And my allegiance is to the people of this country.

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Now, in all fairness, the donor class I would be the greatest in history. But once you do that, you can't deal with him anymore. That's why I'm here for these people, right? We have some rallies, but we wanted to stop. In every meeting and every situation in dealing with every foreign leader, I am your voice.

I'm not talking about the polls, the polls, you know, although we have some good polls too. You got to see all the people that are voting. Oh, e o way! E won't forget the men who died. It seemed like it would never happen. You've seen that on a businessman who entered public service.

You didn't think I'd come, did you? But they're the honest ones.

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In North Carolina voted to fire this to pray, political establishment and you elected and outsiders your president happened to be me on. We're going to win four more years in the White House. Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States, Donald J. I'm about to be an American. And I said that four years ago.

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Is that sun hot or what? And together we are the voice of a great country. Mhm Yeah. We're putting America. They met her still today because there ain't no doubt. I fight for the middle class, and Biden and his cronies serve only one class.

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Thank you. But now you finally have a government and a president that is loyal to you. But now you're being treated well.

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Believe me, with me, it's only a loss of funny. Joe Biden's allegiance is do his donors. Tell that when Booth wanna get a belly full off here? They didn't think Because they haven't been treated well for a long time. The fake news. I love this man. Trump will address how he's "fighting for forgotten men and women" at the Robeson County Fairgrounds.

We are the voice of the United States of America and we are respected again is a country not like in the past, where everybody took advantage of us with a voice for every citizen who has been neglected, abandoned, ignored and forgotten.

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E o Well, my back with a tight in here tonight I'm looking more Gotta see you there, right? And it's just one of those little things. From the legs of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee across the plains of Texas, from sea to shining sea from Detroit down to Houston and New York to wait where there's pride in every American heart on its time way E O American, where at least e 03 e won't forget men who died, who gave me Oh, next to you and defend her still today Because there ain't no doubt.

They said, Please stop by We said, Let's do it quicky.