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Getting vaccinated and knowing how many are vaccinated are key to returning to a fully vibrant campus this fall. Rutgers marine researchers and New Jersey fishermen are piecing together the details of the strange, gender-bending sex lives of black sea bass — a study that could improve understanding of the bass population and help the beleaguered recreational fishing industry. But the details of how and why that happens are not completely understood.

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The two sexual systems are sometimes observed even among phylogenetically-close species, suggesting that the molecular pathways involved might not differ dramatically. To avoid biases regarding different expression in different parts of the same organ, we homogenized the whole brain and male gonad samples whereas in the case of female gon, because of their large size 1.

This was not the case for any of the female gonad samples. The Sharpsnout seabream, Diplodus puntazzois a sparid of great importance for the industry of fisheries and aquaculture. At that time, sperm could not be collected from any of the males, but histological evaluation indicated the presence of intratesticular spermatozoa. Finally, all 16 samples were used for library preparation and sequencing as bp paired re in 1.

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Due to a reported difficulty in assessing differential expression when a gene is expressed only in one group [ 66 ], we considered as ificant those genes only when the expression in the other group was higher than 30 normalized counts in total. Several studies have investigated various aspects of its biology, including reproduction and development e. A custom Perl script was used to parse the output. Sparidae is a teleost family with a wide variety of sex mechanisms [ 32 — 34 ].

Illumina HiSeq sequencing yielded , paired re , read pairs Table 1. The genes involved include known candidates from other vertebrate species, suggesting a conservation of the toolkit between gonochorists and hermaphrodites. The paired re of each sample were mapped to the assembly with Bowtie and abundance was estimated with RSEM v. Finally, all scripts used in the study are available upon request.

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However, the genes involved in sex differentiation are considered conserved across vertebrates [ 2122 ], even though alternative scenarios have also been suggested [ 23 ]. The three candidate assemblies were evaluated by BLASTn [ 57 ] against Oreochromis niloticusOryzias latipes and Gasterosteus aculeatus cDNA dataset downloaded from Ensembl database [ 58 ] with an e -value threshold of 10 The assembly produced by Trinity had the highest of ificant similarity with unique genes from all three teleost species and was selected. This was consistent in all female gonad extractions and possibly affected the RIN as the observed pattern deviated greatly from the expected pattern of RNA content.

The estimated expected counts for each sample, at the gene level, were extracted and used for the analysis of differential expression conducted in DESeq [ 65 ], a software considered accurate and conservative for differential expression analyses [ 6667 ]. To date, considerable effort to unravel the genes involved in sex determination, sex differentiation and sex change have been conducted mainly on the protandrous black porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegelii [ 35 — 42 ].

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The assembled sequences were scanned for microsatellites with Phobos [ 68 ]. In cases where accurate orthology inference was of interest e. The filtering process resulted in , paired and 74, single or orphan high quality re used for the transcriptome assembly. Selected individuals were examined for sexual maturation, based on the presence of releasable sperm from the males or the presence of vitellogenic oocytes in the females.

After filtering, read pairs were reconstructed with a custom Perl script. Following further editing and transcript quality assessment see Methodswe limited our dataset totranscripts belonging to 82, loci N 2,; mean length: 1, nucleotides Figure 1. Apart from the intriguing reproductive biology, it is economically important with a continuously growing aquaculture in the Mediterranean Sea, but limited available genetic resources. Other studies have revealed loci linked to sex in various species e. Finally, we constructed a dataset of genes and a resource of genetic markers that will assist future genetic research at the species and family level.

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Our aim was to characterize the expressed transcriptome of gon and brains through RNA-Sequencing and explore the properties of genes that exhibit sex-biased expression profiles. Gon were selected to get a comprehensive overview of the genes responsible for the divergence of the primary sex-related structure; brain was included to increase the species genic information and to understand how sex affects brain functions, as shown in gonochoristic fishes see [ 48 ] and references therein.

Hatchery produced sharpsnout seabream from eggs spawned in October were reared in tanks supplied with flow-through seawater under ambient conditions at the Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture. Females were immature, containing only primary oocytes in their ovaries.

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The online version of this article doi Teleosts exhibit remarkably diverse patterns of sex modes. To identify SNPs for which genotyping can be conducted robustly we applied extra filtering steps. The unfiltered transcripts dataset had ificant similarity with 18, O. This dataset constituted the final assembled transcriptome given that the selected threshold value resulted in elimination ofpossibly spurious transcripts, while the hits to unique genes of O. To annotate the assembled transcripts, we conducted a BLASTx similarity search against the NCBI protein database nr e -value threshold 10 -9 ; keeping the top ten hits.

A recent study on the ancestral reconstruction of sexual patterns in sparids revealed both gonochorism and hermaphroditism in almost every group of the family [ 31 ].

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However, several teleost female gon show a similar RNA profile as reported earlier [ 50 ]. The genes involved in sex determination and differentiation form the necessary toolkit leading to the sex-specific phenotypes.

The unfiltered transcripts dataset had ificant similarity to 18, O. Given that the filtering resulted in elimination ofpossibly spurious transcripts, while the hits to unique genes of O. Out of the 82, loci, 31, had ificant BLASTx similarity hits with publicly available protein sequences, 22, of the loci were ased GO terms and 40, had an InterProScan protein domain match.

Our revealed major expression differences between male and female gon, but only minor differences between male and female brains. Those processes define sex differentiation. This species is also particularly interesting from an evolutionary point of view, as it has one of the most spectacular reproductive systems; it is rudimentary hermaphrodite with some instances of protandry [ 4344 ]. Hermaphroditism, however, is common among teleosts and has evolved repeatedly in different lineages [ 31 ]. The molecular processes underlying sex have been deeply studied in model vertebrates like human, mouse, chicken and African clawed frog [ 5 — 8 ].

To get an overview of the genetic toolkit deployed for the development and maintenance of the differences between sexes, whole-transcriptome approaches are required [ 24 ]. For that, we first retrieved the predicted ORF per transcript with the highest similarity to tilapia proteins e -value threshold 10 Then, we evaluated whether each SNP is located within the coding region defined by the ORF, and for those located within hermaphrodite dating Atlantic City coding region if it causes a synonymous or a non-synonymous mutation using a Perl script.

Several studies on fish have unveiled the genes responsible for sex determination in gonochoristic species, such as Dmy in medaka [ 910 ], Amhr2 in Tiger pufferfish [ 11 ], Sdy in Rainbow trout [ 12 ] and Amhy in Patagonian pejerrey [ 13 ]. Note that the genotype quality is a function of the probability that the genotype call is wrong given that the site is variable.

Finally, a thorough genetic marker discovery pipeline led to the retrieval of 85, SNPs and 29, microsatellites enriching the available genetic markers for this species. The way males and females develop, and the molecular mechanisms underlying those differences, vary dramatically among taxa.

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Through RNA-Sequencing we obtained an assembled transcriptome of 82, loci. We obtained a nearly complete source of transcriptomic sequence as well as marker information for sharpsnout seabream, laying the ground for understanding the complex process of sex differentiation of this economically valuable species. The run was done in parallel splitting the query in subqueries and merging the output with custom scripts.

We chose to study both gonad and brain tissues. With modern sequencing technologies, this lack of knowledge can be overcome and ultimately allow the comparison of the genetic networks involved in sex determination and differentiation among closely related species that exhibit different reproductive modes.

Teleosts are characterized by a remarkable breadth of sexual mechanisms including various forms of hermaphroditism. For the Relatedness analysis, we estimated Identity By Descent with the Maximum Likelihood method and calculated the kinship coefficient.

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The expression analysis uncovered remarkable differences between hermaphrodite dating Atlantic City and female gon, while male and female brains were almost identical. Here, we sought to identify and understand the molecular toolkit underlying the sex differences of the expressed transcriptome in the rudimentary hermaphrodite sharpsnout seabream. Learn More. Sparidae is a fish family exhibiting gonochorism or hermaphroditism even in closely related species. The sparid Diplodus puntazzo sharpsnout seabreamexhibits rudimentary hermaphroditism characterized by intersexual immature gon but single-sex mature ones.

However, the picture becomes more complicated in cases of hermaphroditism, a rather common sexual system among teleosts. All these studies illustrate the large diversity in sex determination among teleosts. Further knowledge comes from QTL studies on the protandrous Gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata [ 1920 ], but current knowledge concerning other Sparidae species is poor. Most studies on understanding sex differentiation have been conducted on gonochoristic taxa.

Most genes involved in primary pathways of sex determination and differentiation in other vertebrates are present also in the sharpsnout seabream; this implies a conservation of pathways between gonochorists and hermaphrodites. The output was used in Blast2GO [ 63 ] where gene ontology terms were retrieved and ased to the transcripts only the longest transcript was used per locus.

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To that end, we employed an RNA-Sequencing RNA-Seq approach [ 47 ] aiming at capturing the gene content of sharpsnout seabream that exhibits sex-biased expression pattern. Sparids exhibit either gonochorism or various forms of hermaphroditism, such as simultaneous, sequential or rudimentary hermaphroditism simultaneous: presence of both male and female gon; sequential: an individual develops first as a functional male and then changes to female or vice versa; rudimentary: immature individuals carry both male and female immature gonad types and during maturation one of the two types develops fully, determining the sex.

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When the gene of interest had ificant similarity with the assembled transcripts, we used the top hit in a BLASTn search towards the transcriptome of the starting species. Apart from the genes that determine sex, downstream genes and pathways drive the development and maintenance of sex-specific phenotypes. Focused search for known targets of sex determination and differentiation in vertebrates built the sex-specific expression profile of sharpsnout seabream. Therefore, there is a great potential for understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying gonochorism and hermaphroditism within Sparidae [ 3135 ].

If that step returned the initial transcript, we assumed orthology between the two. Several transcriptomic analyses have characterized the expression differences that underlie the two sex phenotypes in fish e. The initial assembly process producedputative transcripts N 1, nucleotides, mean length: nucleotides.