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He started kissing my face, lips and neck. I looked into his eyes, he just give a eye al to carry on. And removed my choli bottom. I kissed his cock and started caring with my hand both cock and balls. But grandma not allowed me to go.

But by disappointing me he come to standing position and asked me to stand in knee and he come forwarded to me, now his tool is near to my face inside the night pant. What did you think of this story?? And my husband is pressing and sucking my boobs I was so excited thinking of I am half nude and standing in the open terrace. Already my cunt is started leaking.

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I pressed his face against me boobs and she started sucking and licking in more speedy way. And started touching my pussy clits and inner pussy. While he hugged he started caring my back and my boobs are pressing against his broad chest. We both are so tired and exhausted because of the formalities. He start increasing the speed and after few sec I cummed on my boobs…. And told you have a nice ass and boobs Priyanka. Once its entered in my mouth he started shivering.

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And suddenly start fingering. I hold his cock with my boobs and he starting moving back and front. My tool will die to use those. I am so happy and opened the door of my room. Once he unbuttoned he surprised, yes I was not wearing anything inside. Same time I felt is cock in my lower stomach; I know it is ready to drill my cunt.

I got frustrated and went to sleep.

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I started moaning haaaaaaaa aaaaaaa haaaa aaaaaaa like that. Before I come to terrace I removed my inners. I started making loud noise and enjoying the fuck. I told sure grandma and ran from there.

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Now I am fully naked and he started kissing my thighs and legs…. He bent his legs little down to access my boobs with his cock. Once it entered fully. As I seen lot of stories, experience here.

I cum twice while he licking and he love to lick my cum and eat it. If you're on ISSstories. I am going to tell my honeymoon experience here. My entire pussy is filled with his cock, it is soo hot and exciting moment. If IndianSexStories2. He started opened my choli buttons. He continued this till 10 mins and he moved further down to take care my stomach and further down.

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He removed my choli and made me half naked. How he went near to my pussy and given a kiss there and his tongue is started playing in my clit.

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So I continued to enjoy. He told me dear Priyanka your mouth and lips looks wonderful.

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He is trying to push it inside…i widen my legs to allow his tool to entered in my pussy. While kissing his cock is trying to enter in my pussy. I pushed him down and searching for my cloths and I wore them and I told my husband I am going back to my room and now my aunty also waked up and having chit chat with grandma.

After few minutes only I realized that I am completely nude in a open terrace. Till now please enjoy the story if you like and send me your comments to improve my writing to [ protected]. He did fingering more than 10 min and my pussy cum is all over his finger and hands. I am so lucky to have those and I am proud that they are mine only. She started fucking me continuously and fast.

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We make noise and fucking hard and hot…. Then I kissed the tool over the pants. I sucked around 5 mins. While I suck his cock, I started caring his balls. I am so happy to hear that.

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Next day morning, I wake up early in the morning and seen my aunty coming towards to my room with a glass of milk, a banana and mouthful of naughty smile. I really got surprised to hear that. When I see her face she given me a naughty smile, I am not understood the meaning of that smile at that instant. So I pushed him further down to remove my choli bottom and to play with my cunt. And he laid on me.

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After completing the dinner, I heard that today is not good to conduct first night, the priest told so. So in the morning we got married and completed lot of formalities and it is become evening. I confused and I told I am not getting sleep so I am going to terrace to have some fresh air. I give a nod to him and I tool his cock inside my mouth.

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After he had lot of my cum he stand up and given me a deep kiss in my lips…. And caring my 34 size boobs. Hi friends, I am a new reader for iss website. His cock filled my pussy with cum. And the huge cock is standing in front of me. Now he told dear I want to fuck in your boobs. I too like to share my experience to the iss friends. But unfortunately we forgot we are in the open terrace. I will tell you what happened further after some days. It is because I have to prepare myself with applying mehndi, there is a young guy came to my home to apply mehndi and he would like to apply something else also inside me that I will tell as separate story.

I was standing in the terrace in half nude. Surprised to see my grandma is sitting in the chair and asked me where you are going?

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When I reach there, my husband is waiting for me. I felt so horny and I given a deep kiss in lips. Two months back I got married with Raveendar. Now he make me lay in the floor and he entered his tool in my cock and starting fucking and playing with my boobs.

She told today u cant go anywherethen I started to please her then she allowed to go but told me you have to come back as soon as possible. I am so excited and I pushed his head more, he got a clue and start licking deeply.