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For years, the most enduring — and endearing — residents of the Outer Banks, the wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs, have called this sliver of land between sound and sea home. Tell us about it.

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Tours are three hours, and ferries return to the mainland periodically during the afternoon, so you're free to spend the day exploring the beach, photographing the horses or gathering some of the best shells on the Carolina coast.

It funds herd management plans, genetics research, health studies and more.

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Adventurous visitors can get a close-up view of the horses by taking one of many guided tours offered at both Corolla and Shackleford Banks. You can also rent a Jeep and drive on the beach into the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge on a self-guided tour. He lives and writes in Wilmington.

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A smaller, more domesticated herd lives on Ocracoke Island. Corolla Wild Horse Tours also offers two-hour group tours with knowledgeable guides.

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And while taking pictures of the horses is encouraged, feeding them is not. Highway Viewing platforms give visitors a glimpse into the paddocks and the daily life of these horses, which is far removed from their wild cousins.

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Since the island is 3 miles offshore and only accessible by private watercraft or passenger ferry, seeing these horses really is an adventure. See something wrong?

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On Ocracoke Island, the herd is smaller inthough larger in stature, thanks to regular feedings and veterinary care. Through its solo efforts and work with other conservation groups and the National Park Service, FSH is ensuring a safe and healthy future for the Shackleford Banks wild horses.

Take a guided tour to see them at Corolla and Shackleford Banks. Wild Horse Adventure Tours.

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Remember, the horses are wild animals and you should always maintain a safe distance of 50 feet. How they got here is a bit of a mystery. Members of the CWHF can accompany the herd manager on a ride-along for a day of stunning photo opportunities and insight into the herd from someone who knows the herd intimately.

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Corollato the north, and Shackleford Banksthe southernmost of the barrier-island chain, have herds of about stallions, mares, and foals that call their beaches and dunes home. Or, instead, rely on experienced off-road drivers and arrange a tour through one of the outfitters in Corolla. About the Author. Wild horses roam the beaches of the Outer Banks and Crystal Coast.

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