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The Indians used the island to protect themselves while crossing Lake Erie as they provided shelter from sudden squalls. Records from early historic times show relics of Mound Builders, pre-historic people. The pre-historians inhabited North America and their remains were uncovered when the soil was turned by plows.

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Through confidences and memories shared with those who knew him best, Yoichi rediscovers the man he had long considered an absent and rather cold father.

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In Seek You, Radtke uses this image as her jumping off point into a piercing exploration of loneliness and the ways in which we attempt to feel closer to one another. Eighteen-year-old karate expert Haebaru Misora moves to Tokyo to pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer.

What will happen when they capture the attention of a TV network with their talent for making gainz? WAKE is a graphic novel that offers invaluable insight into the struggle to survive whole as a black woman in today's America; it is a historiography that illuminates both the challenges and the necessity of uncovering the true stories of slavery; and it is an overdue reckoning with slavery in New York City where two of these armed revolts took place. Her only way out is to survive a martial arts tournament where she must fight her way through one hundred lustful male opponents.

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Bittersweet memories awaken with his long-time love, until the village becomes embroiled in a plot to assassinate an emissary of the shogun. Usagi, now traveling through his old territories, still wears the mon a family crest of his former lord.

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Starting with the tragic death of Martin Luther King Jr. Contributors address a range of life experiences, ages, gender identities, ethnicities, and health conditions"-- Provided by publisher. But soon they realize no matter how many times they kill her, the world will never be free of Tomie.

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Events push two of them, Dora and Pierrot, to flee the island and set sail to the mainland. For John Lewis, the Civil Rights Movement as he knew it ended with the ing of the Voting Rights Act inbut his struggle in the following years echo many of the same questions of civil rights and equality that are being asked today. But, there are those who still remember the Great Wars with bitterness and threaten to kill any samurai loyal to Mifune. Now that they've found him, the men of the cartel will do everything they can to kill this traitor.

Here is the creepiest masterpiece of horror manga ever from the creator of Uzumaki, Junji Ito. Hold your breath until all is revealed. But it isn't until Nick learns to stop performing and speak about the things that really matter that the complex and colorful worlds of the people he meets are finally revealed to him. But their escape from captivity might land them in even greater danger, as secrets are revealed and nothing will ever be the same for the crew of the Serenity!

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Something's rotten in Okinawa"-- provided by publisher. Kennedy's campaign, to be shocked by the events of Struggling with the larger question of how to rebuild the movement, Lewis had an idea: someone should run for the 5th Congressional district seat in Georgia. Especially when that woman is your own mother!

After years marked by difficult communication, will they now mangage to overcome their conflicts and say what's truly in their hearts before it's too late? An inexplicable plague has women giving birth to human-animal hybrid children all over the world.

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Will he help save Yuuna from becoming an evil spirit? The deer-child Gus is left to fend for himself after his father dies, leaving him with more questions than answers. It is, also, a transformative and transporting work of imaginative fiction, bringing to three-dimensional life Adono and Alele and their pasts as women warriors.

But when the ghost, a beautiful teenage girl named Yuuna, appears before him, Kogarashi takes pity on her and is suddenly not so sure about the exorcism.

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Could it be that the cartel's legendary clean-up man is really a legendary vacuum cleaner expert? While one lover seeks to keep her for himself, another grows terrified of the immortal succubus. The only children born since are part of a new breed of human-animal hybrids.

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Nagata Kabi's downward spiral is getting out of control, and she can't stop drinking to soothe the ache of reality. There, they discover a world on the precipice of a metamorphosis, though also a world where adults are literally prisoners of their own fortresses, unintentionally preserving the "old world" at a time when a new generation could guide society towards a better humanity"-- Provided by publisher.

One day, the club manages to get their hands on a sealed cursed object, but little do they know the terror they'll unleash when they break the seal. If she loses, she will pay the ultimate erotic price. Unfortunately, her sleazy handlers trick her into the adult entertainment industry instead. A touching and strikingly honest tale of her own family's passage through an intensely emotional period.

At least not today. Whether it's the barista down the street, his own family, or Wren, an oncologist whose life becomes painfully tangled with his, Nick can't shake the feeling that there is some hidden realm of human interaction beyond his reach. She looks at the very real current crisis of loneliness through the lenses of gender, violence, technology, and art.

In The Return, Usagi is on a pilgrimage to his late lord's gravesite, however, wearing the Mifune clan crest in Lord Hikiji's territory has made him an enemy. But as the relatives gather for the funeral and the stories start to flow, Yoichi's childhood starts to resurface. The Spring afternoons playing on the floor of his father's barber shop, the fire that ravaged the city and his family home, his parents' divorce and a new 'mother'.

Book one: "Seven years ago, the Affliction raged like a forest fire, killing billions. Every sports club wants him tobut Itadori would rather hang out with the school outcasts in the Occult Club. So, he journeys back to his hometown after an absence of well over a decade during which time he has not seen his father.

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As the two cross this dangerous new American frontier, will Jepperd corrupt the boy he's nicknamed "Sweet Tooth," or will Gus' heart change Jepperd? It's time for class!

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Those CQ calls were his attempt to reach somebody--anybody--who would respond. What happens when they come across Usagi? If Kogarashi can use his spirit abilities to banish the ghost that haunts the inn, he can even live there rent-free! She can seduce nearly any man, and drive them to murder as well, even though the victim is often Tomie herself.

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Through bold, symbolic imagery and surrealist, overlapping landscapes, queer illustrator and curator Syan Rose shines a light on the faces and voices of these diverse, amorphous, messy, real, and imagined queer and trans communities. Erj is a world kept alight by a sun that has orbited faithfully since recorded memory—but now, that faith is faltering. The movement secured the right to sit at a lunch counter, but what about the right to earn a dollar to pay for your meal?

Tomie Kawakami is a femme fatale with long black hair and a beauty mark just under her left eye.

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Follow her journey as she learns the ins and outs of pregnancy and childbirth-and the impossibility of finding comfy maternity underwear! In so doing, WAKE illustrates the humanity of the enslaved, the reality of their lived experiences, and the complexity of the history that has been, till now, so thoroughly erased"-- Provided by publisher. Over the past ten years, we have witnessed the rise of queer and trans communities that have defied and challenged those who have historically opposed them.

A cross between Bambi and Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Sweet Tooth follows the innocent journey of a young hybrid boy suddenly thrust out into a world no one can explain. He staggers through meaningless conversations and haunts lookalike vacuous coffee shops in the hope that he will find it there.

But kids like Gus have a price on their he. After suffering from unbearable stomach pains, she goes to a clinic, where she is diagnosed with pancreatitis - and is immediately hospitalized. But everything changes when two members of one of Paso del Rio's largest drug cartels stumble upon Jacques and believe him to be the deadly hitman who betrayed them in the past: the ruthless Ramirez. The girls' quest for idol stardom continues--this time with a hidden talent show!

Gus is one of these children: a boy with a sweet soul, a sweeter tooth--and the features of a deer. Includes dumpling history and lore, this comic book cookbook invites readers to explore the big little world of Asian dumplings and proves that intricate folding styles and flavorful fillings are achievable in the home kitchen.

When vicious hunters descend on his isolated forest home, a mysterious and violent man called Jepperd rescues Gus. The hulking drifter promises to lead Gus to the Preserve, a fabled safe haven for hybrid children. That last one is easy: he's also mute. Jacques is efficient, thorough, and discreet.

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Luckily for Tsuji, her class proves to be an almost unflappable group, including a BL fan, a lesbian, and a girl who just really likes her cat! A strange, legged fish appears on the scene So begins Tadashi and Kaori's spiral into the horror and stench of the sea.

With topics like safe sex for same-gender couples, masturbation positivity, and why sugar gliders have three vaginas, this sex education comedy is more than just dirty jokes. Ranging from the invention of the laugh-track to Instagram to Harry Harlow's experiments in which infant monkeys were given inanimate surrogate mothers, Radtke uncovers all she can about how we engage with friends, family, and strangers alike, and what happens--to us and to them--when we disengage.

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Traveling through this dangerous land he has made his way to the one place he had been avoiding--the village in which he grew up. What is it? An important tea ceremony is about to take place, but what sinister plan does Lord Hikiji have for it and how are the Neko ninja clan involved? Enter the idol! A new chapter unfolds in Nagata Kabi's life as she struggles to find her way back to reality and manga creation in the wake of her breakdown.