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Drama written and directed by Jim Jarmusch which follows Paterson Adam Driver is a bus driver in the city of Paterson, New Jersey, they share the name.

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The new movie written and directed by Jim Jarmusch is a total fantasy. This in spite of being shot on the streets of the New Jersey city in which it is set, and for which the movie itself and its lead character are named. Paterson, New Jersey was once an industrial center of the United States—a storied manufacturer of silks and textiles—that fell into a kind of ruin by the time this film reviewer moved there, to live, in It has undergone several not-quite-revivals since that time. Its main fame today is in its being the ostensible subject of an epic modernist American poem by William Carlos Williams, who lived in nearby Rutherford. The Paterson inhabited by Paterson is not a ruin but it is a largely quiet, sometimes haunted-seeming place.

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The whole film is routed in poetry, and is clearly made by people who love the art form, especially the poetry of William Carlos Williams, whose poems are quoted continually throughout the film. If you want drama and action, then this movies isn't fit for you.

What Jarmush has given us is an excellent example of what these two poets told us years ago: there is value in the small and simple things of life. When two young men were actually discussing their own lives and encounters with girls, we learn that both of them were too scared to do anything that would have changed their lives.

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Laura is portrayed as perhaps lovable but utterly superficial and she is seen working on the surface of curtains, clothes and cupcakes. In fact, the answer is in the movie itself! Everyday we wake up towards the same places, meeting the same people. I saw the and the answer is simple. He complements her on her poem about a waterfall, remembering a few lines and reciting them to Laura when he gets home. A breath of fresh air from films where the stakes and risks are larger than life itself. These discussions seem to be about local heroes Costello, the anarchist etc who were able to get away from the town of Paterson, unlike characters in the film.

Nobody in this film is revealing his or her feelings - except Everett but then, he is an actor and we do not know, whether he is acting or not as he is expressing his love.

Adam Driver is a bus driver going also goes by the name of Paterson, who writes poetry every day, drawing inspiration from what at first seem mundane conversations on the bus he drives, and also from his lover, played by Golshifteh Fahani, who spends her days painting and making cupcakes. This wasn't only due to the poetic elements, but also down the softly spoken characters and dialogue, the beautifully shot streets and houses and ambling pace of the film.

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She praises Paterson for his poetry but she seems more infatuated with the idea of poetry than his poems; in fact, I got the impression that she had never read any of his poems. It's a film about how people choose to live their life, regardless of the necessities to work and make money. Paterson is not a generic "feel good" movie but I felt great having seen it! Life is made of routines. The film shows us a week in the life of a couple living a seemingly happy and slightly bohemian lifestyle in Paterson, New Jersey.

Paterson best quotes – ‘without love, what reason is there for anything?’

After the second watching and extensive discussions with my wife to whom I owe much of this review I am seeing this film as a story of people, whose lives are somewhere else. Paterson and Laura exchange words but never discuss.

He is a poet whose Haiku-like verses actually written by Ron Padgett are reminiscent of the city's own poet William Carlos Williams. Each day brings a new variation on the theme, and each moment a reflection on two people who wholeheartedly accept each other for who they are.

But he faces each day with joy, together with his ally: the love for poetry. The triumph's and setbacks faced by real people and how they deal with the obstacle's that get in the way of aspirations and dreams. McLeish offers an answer in his poem, "Ars Poetica" where he asserts a poem does not "mean," it simply is. He writes a new poem every day or finishes an old one on the 23 bus he drives before and during his trip.

Paterson is a hard-working bus driver who quietly goes about his duties, all the while allowing the scenery and eavesdropped conversation to inspire his main passion in life; writing poetry. The town in question is Paterson, New Jersey.

But there was something inexplicable, something I could not point my finger at. When Paterson goes to the bar to drink his daily beer, he sits by the counter, instead of sitting with the other customers, although he probably knows everyone pretty well. After a while it felt like the films itself was like beautiful poem that you wish would just go on and on.

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On the corner a boy in a yellow raincoat holding his mother's hand. There's too much variation in his day to call it a takeoff on Groundhog Day, but it does have that "same old, same old" quality. Williams also offers an answer in his works: there is an inherent value in the the "thingness of things" whether it is the bowl of plums reference in this film or in the red wheelbarrow.

The rain has stopped.

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Jarmusch explained at Cannes that he intended Paterson to be an antidote to the modern action film, and if this is the case, I'll definitely be coming back for another dose. Performed by a brilliantly authentic Adam Driver "Midnight Special"Paterson is not only the name of the city in New Jersey known for its resident poet William Carlos Williams, but is also his name. It takes ten minutes to get used too the slow pace and unorthodox nature of the film, then it becomes a warm bath on a cold winters day which you dont want to get out of.

This is a movie about routines, but more than that: a movie about how we can find beauty in the routines. The windshield wiper blade starts to squeak. I decided to watch this film because of two friends who claimed they did not understand what is happening and that they did not know how to watch a movie.

Adam driver: paterson

First watching left me in a mellow and fairly content mood: a film with likeable characters, no conflicts, no violence. Nothing about this film feels rushed, but at the same time it lingers a lot but never outstays it welcome. I watched this film first time alone and second time with my wife.

In "The Run," he says, "I go through trillions of molecules that move aside to make way for me while on both sides trillions more stay where they are. He then takes Marvin for a walk and goes for a beer at the local pub where he chats with the owner Doc Barry Shabaka Henley, "Carrie"and often acts as a moderator between Everett William Jackson Harper, "True Story"a dramatic actor who desperately wants to reunite with his ex-wife Maria Chasten Harmon. Like poetry, the words and images flow with little dramatic tension or conflict.

I became emotionally invested in the first 15 minutes and by films end was concerned for and gave a damn about all of their outcomes. I felt as if I was watching reality programming about characters that you can not help but root for. Paterson, a bus driver, does the same everyday in a village that never leaves a sleepy, foggy state. A poetic and charming love-story about a perfectly ordinary couple, living in a perfectly ordinary town.

I stop. The poems that Paterson re as the words are flashed on the screen are not about odes to nightingales though there's nothing wrong with that but about down-to-earth things, such as one about matches, inspired by Ohio Blue Tip matchboxes that have disappeared from our lives. Paterson is a quiet and contemplative film that sits perfectly in Jarmusch's repertoire. It drew me in very quickly, and after a short while i relaxed back and let the film cast its soft spell on me, leaving me with a warm fuzzy feeling for hours afterwards. Paterson is a character driven joy to watch and see.

That is all this film is about and we are told, point blank, at the end of the movie: the Japanese poet asks Paterson if he, too, is a poet. When one of the characters, Donny the bus depot supervisor, directly tells him of his life and his problems, Paterson doesn't seem to be at all interested. Paterson says, no; he is only a bus driver. Though his loving, energetic, somewhat scattered wife Laura Golshifteh Farahani, "Finding Altamira" keeps asking him to make copies of them, he resists the idea, preferring to keep them in his secret notebook.

She spends her day baking imaginative cupcakes and making new curtains from scratch.

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The poetry Adam Driver writes appear on screen in a soft font which is pleasant on the eye, as he re them out to himself. Paterson Hide Spoilers. He awakes shortly after 6am, has a bowl of cereal that looks suspiciously like Cheerios, walks to his job driving the 23 bus through the streets of Paterson, listening in on conversations often with a broad smile on his face of passengers who talk about anything from Italian anarchists to boxer Hurricane Carter and comedian Lou Costello.

Like most people with jobs and families, Paterson has a daily routine. Paterson is a celebration of the small details in life. Paterson listens to people discussing but he does not want to be engaged in any discussions. One of the greatest movie dogs of all time! So a film about ordinary but lovable people and poetry in mundane details turned out to be a horror story about people, who are afraid of their own shadows and who exchange platitudes instead of communicating with each other.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend and the love of his life, played without fault by Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani, is a stay-at-home creative. Paterson is a journey in the life of the main character his charming and spontaneous girlfriend and her territorial but one of a kind dog Marvin.

The man in question, in true Jarmusch style, is also named Paterson played with pinpoint subtly by Adam Driver. Was this review helpful?

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Paterson recites two poems for her: one was by William Carlos Williams and the other by the girl he met by accident, none of his own poems. The theme of the film is the poetry in everyday life that surrounds us. In. To Paterson, a poem should be simple and direct and he is moved by one such poem by a 9-year-old girl who recites it to him while she is waiting for her mother and sister. Watch the movie if you like to see normal people, doing normal things but still, finding beauty in the small things.

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The film has little conflict, family dysfunction, or mental health issues. The characters are utterly believable, the chemistry between Driver and Fahani tangible and delicate, as they wake up in bed together each morning, ifying a new day. He comes home at six, corrects a leaning mailbox that moves daily thanks to his grumpy English bulldog Marvin RIPhas dinner some on the exotic side talks with Laura who fills him in on the many projects she has going on including painting black and white circles on draperies, learning to play the guitar, and making cupcakes to sell at the local farmers market.

Even the looks of her new guitar seem to be more important than its sound. If you are a fan of William Carlos Williams or a fan of Archibald McLeish both poetsthen the answer is throughout the film. The films narrative centres around a seven day week. It is about what works and even wonder of wonders about a marriage that is not falling apart. Unlike many of today's films, this one celebrates the essence of a film by just being a film. I'm not sure if Jim Jarmusch "Only Lovers Left Alive" in Paterson wants to make America great again by giving us his vision of the way it used to be, or is telling us that we only have to look around us to discover that it's great right now.

We witness Laura baking and learning to play guitar but both activities are instrumental, offering her the opportunity for money or fame.